For survivors of sexual assault

“An important experience I have gone through is my sexual abuse. It was really rough and painful. It had happened to me twice. Once when I was with my biological father. I was really young I think about the age of 2. The second one happened when I was ten with my adopted father. When it was happening, I didn’t really know what was going on. I didn’t know it was wrong at least not at first, but very quickly I noticed that what he was doing was very wrong and that this was not what fathers do for disciplinary reasons. This situation affected me in many reasons, one I couldn’t trust any male adults. I was so afraid that it would happen to me again. Two, that it wasn’t just male adults that I couldn’t trust. I ended up being really closed even to what my own mother was telling me. Three, it was hard to talk about father and daughter relationships. Even when I thought about when I would get married, and who I would dance with when it came to the daddy-daughter dance.” – M, age 15

“Oh, yes, I have learned to cope. I have a loving husband this time around and three beautiful little children. I pray they never meet the likes of (a sex offender). I have a decent job. I rarely have nightmares. But when my daughter turned six, I started throwing up a lot. I went back to counseling to deal with these residues that creep into my life. Perfectionism. Fear of failure. My inability to relax. Shame. Guilt. Pain. … I have fought long enough, and now it is time for healing.” – D, age 40

Sexual violation damages a soul in countless ways. The quotes listed above are eloquent expressions made by some survivors we have treated. We understand the devastation brought about through sexual abuse. We are committed to walking alongside persons who have been victimized in this way. We offer individual, family and couples counseling for persons confronting these issues. We are honored to be part of the journey to healing from sexual assault and abuse.

At Nickerson & Associates, PC, we are experienced in working with people who are seeking a road to healing from abuse in their past. We offer practical support in combination with compassion and respect to facilitate healing.

If you are ready to start on the road to healing from sexual assault or abuse, contact us today at (630) 752-9725 or by email. We are located conveniently a mile down the road from the DuPage County Courthouse and work with clients from Wheaton, Glen Ellyn, Naperville and the surrounding area.