Psychosexual Assessments

We provide adult and adolescent psychosexual assessments suitable for use in legal proceedings.

The psychologists at Nickerson & Associates, PC provide adult and adolescent psychosexual assessments suitable for use in legal proceedings. Psychosexual assessments are sometimes called sex offender assessments or sex offender evaluations. People are most often referred for psychosexual assessments by their family, criminal defense attorney, presiding judge or probation officer.

When you begin sex offender treatment, you usually begin with a psychosexual assessment or sex offender evaluation. This allows us to gain an understanding of how you view yourself and the world. We include standard personality testing, and assessment for mood and anxiety disorders, as well as specialized testing to evaluate sexual values, beliefs and behaviors. We screen for factors that may be contributors to the offending behavior, such as pornography addiction, untreated depression and other mental health issues. The results of the sex offender assessment offer valuable information to guide sex offender treatment. Our psychosexual assessments include a clinical interview, psychological testing, a review of referral material (previous testing, police reports, relevant school records, etc.), feedback, and a written report.

The full psychosexual assessment usually consists of 3 hours of psychological testing and 3-5 hours of clinical interview. Our reports generally run from 9-15 pages in length. If you have a deadline for the completion of your report, we will endeavor to meet it. Our report is easy for the layman to understand while still meeting high professional standards.

At Nickerson & Associates, PC, our competent and qualified clinicians are on the approved provider list for the Illinois Sex Offender Management Board. We are experienced in working with attorneys and probation departments in serving our clients. Our staff consists of seasoned experts who have testified in court regarding psychosexual assessments and treatment progress in the sexual offender program.

We are located conveniently a mile down the road from the DuPage County Courthouse and work with clients from Wheaton, Glen Ellyn, Naperville and the surrounding area.

For more information on our psychosexual assessments, contact us today at (630) 752-9725 or by email.