Mental Health

We believe it is an honor to work with clients who invite us to support them in their journey to healing and wholeness. We combine clinical sensitivity with evidence based practice principles.

Children's Services

At Nickerson & Associates, P.C., we are invested in providing a safe environment for children to find healing from pain and stress they may have experienced. We work with children who are struggling to navigate their parents’ divorce, or who have experienced neglect and abuse. We work with their mothers and fathers to coach them on parenting strategies.

Couples Counseling

We believe healthy relationships are built on a solid foundation of communication, trust and affection. We offer counseling for couples who are having rocky times in their relationship, as well as for those who wish to enrich their committed relationship. We offer premarital counseling to couples who wish to establish a good foundation for a successful marriage. Dr. Krick is certified in the Prepare/Enrich premarital counseling program.


We know that depression can drain the life from a vibrant person and leave them feeling hopeless. We offer sensitive and effective interventions for individuals suffering from the ravages of depression.


Anxiety can disrupt productive lives and take its toll on families and relationships. We offer treatment to reduce the level of anxiety’s interference with daily life.

Anger Management

Mismanaged anger can destroy relationships, families and successful careers. We are committed to working with our clients to channel the energy of their anger in a way that benefits them and their loved ones. The emotion of anger can be dealt with constructively without harming others.

We are located conveniently a mile down the road from the DuPage County Courthouse and work with clients from Wheaton, Glen Ellyn, Naperville and the surrounding area.

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