Sex Offender Treatment

“Many sexual offenders are arrested and charged with sexual crimes, many are in prison or jail, and some are on probation. No matter what your current situation, you are fortunate because you are beginning to think about how you can change your life. You are making the first step toward a brighter future.” – R. Longo

Sex offender treatment can offer hope to the person who finds himself (or herself) caught in a web of bad choices that has led to serious consequences. Nickerson & Associates, PC offers sex offender treatment that complies with the guidelines of the Illinois Sex Offender Management Board, as well as those of the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers. All of our staff are competent and well-trained. We regularly coordinate treatment with legal advocates, probation officers and parole agents.

When you begin sex offender treatment, you usually begin with a sex offender assessment, also called a psychosexual assessment or sex offender evaluation. This allows us to gain an understanding of how you view yourself and the world. We include standard personality testing, and assessment for mood and anxiety disorders, as well as specialized testing to evaluate sexual values, beliefs and behaviors. The results of the sex offender assessment offer valuable information to guide sex offender treatment.

Based on the results of the sex offender assessment, we make recommendations for treatment. Typical recommendations include participation in group, seeking a medication evaluation, involving family members and significant others in treatment, identifying triggers, labeling thinking errors that contributed to bad choices and making changes in one’s lifestyle to reduce the risk for repeated allegations and charges. If you, your client or a loved one have violated the law with sexual behavior, sex offender treatment at Nickerson & Associates, PC can be the first step on a new path that leads to healing.

We are located conveniently a mile down the road from the DuPage County Courthouse and work with clients from Wheaton, Glen Ellyn, Naperville and the surrounding area.

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