Sexual Behavior Problems

“A moment comes for every addict when the consequences are so great or the pain is so bad that the addict admits life is out of control because of his or her sexual behavior.” – Out of the Shadows, Third Edition by Patrick Carnes, PhD, Copyright 2001 by Hazelden Foundation. Reprinted by permission of Hazelden Foundation, Center City, MN.

“Many sexual offenders are arrested and charged with sexual crimes, many are in prison or jail, and some are on probation. No matter what your current situation, you are fortunate because you are beginning to think about how you can change your life. You are making the first step toward a brighter future.” – R. Longo

We work with people who have issues arising from sexual behavior problems, including sexually abusive behavior, sexual addiction, pornography addiction and Internet addiction. While sex can be a pleasurable part of life, its misuse can lead to infinite heartache and misery. Sexual behavior problems are multifaceted, and are often rooted in an attempt to cope with painful non-sexual issues such as depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and broken relationships.